An all-inclusive skate club focused primarily on skateboarding and longboarding, but open to anything on wheels! Meet fellow shredders in an inclusive, social, and community-oriented club right here on the Virginia Tech campus. Join us today!

The Crew

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    The hallmark of Shredquarters - you can find a variety of skateboarders affiliated with the club. From casual street skaters to complex trick enthusiasts, you are sure to find your crowd here! Shredquarters provides a unique community experience where even beginner shredders can thrive on their deck.

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    Shredquarters is packed with avid longboarders of all types: cruising, freestyle, dancing, and more! No matter your flow, you are sure to find your crew here. Learn different styles from the community and up your longboarding game.

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    You will find them zooming around campus, cruisers are a unique part of Shredquarters. Although not trick-savvy, the cruiser community here at Shredquarters is filled with talented riders that have fallen in love with that familiar feeling of gliding on air. If you ride a cruiser, Shredquarters is the perfect place for you!

The Plan

Where you can find us

Club Meetings

Our club meetings are mostly at Perry Street Parking Garage, at the top-most level. This lets us skate during rainy days on the lower levels.


Outside of meetings, you can usually find us around "Bricks" by the Squires Student Center, the parking lot next to the Moss Arts Center, and the North End Parking Garage. Be sure to look out for us - especially when the weather is nice!

The Network

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We also frequently collaborate with Greenhouse Boardshop, our local skateshop offering skateboards, longboards, and apparel. Check them out here!

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